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New CGC and CGCA Titles

CGC and CGCA tests were held on August 27th at the QKC building. In an active day, fifteen new titles were earned.CGC Titles Carolyn Williams and VegasCarole Sharp and TuckerAlan Obert/Todd Richman and LizzieAlan Obert/Todd Richman and LachlanRick Day and Mars Fancy...

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Dancing Dogs Perform – May 7

The Dancing Dogs have a performance scheduled for Saturday May 7th at 1:00 pm. Joe and Isabel (the Reluctant Wonder Dog) will demonstrate some amazing tricks, and agility demonstrations are also planned. With plenty to entertain everyone, we encourage you to stop by...

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New Agility Equipment

If you haven't been on Facebook or stopped by the training building lately, you may not know about the new equipment that the Agility course sports.  The new Tire and Dog Walk were assembled earlier this year, and both are major improvements. Thanks to Joe and his...

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