Agility TrialOn Saturday, August 19th, we will be conducting an ACT (Agility Course Test) trial for beginning agility dogs.  Any dog who has trained in agility but has not yet earned a novice title is eligible to partipate.  Both purebred and mixed breed dogs are allowed to compete. You have the opportunity to earn four AKC agility titles in one day!  The judge’s briefing will begin at 8:30 a.m. followed by a walk-through of the course.  Trialing will begin immediately after that.

IMPORTANT:  We would like to keep the day moving as efficiently as possible and so would like for each of the eight courses to just follow one after the other.  The information posted previously said that all of the ACT II events would be in the afternoon, but we may be able to begin earlier than that if the schedule allows.

The cost per run is $15, which includes a fee we must pay to AKC.  FEO (For exhibition only and any dog can run) will be $10 per run.  Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to participate with your dog so that we can get a sense of the number of entries.  You MUST fill out an official AKC agility entry form, available at the building.  These forms must be completed, as they are sent to AKC, so please be sure to fill in all the blanks.