How to Contribute


Please consider a donation to help support the efforts of the Quincy Kennel Club.  Monetary donations, in addition to needed supplies, are accepted.

If you wish to contribute, please contact for more information.

We also accept donations via PayPal.  The email address associated with our PayPal account is

Please note: Cash or checks written to the QKC are accepted as payment for classes and equipment (leads and collars) and for donations.  The PayPal account is ONLY for DONATIONS — not for payments for class.  At this time, we do not accept credit cards as payment for training classes.


If you are interested in volunteering at the Quincy Kennel Club, please contact Mary Price at 217-242-1961.

Friends & Sponsors

You can become a sponsor of the Quincy Kennel Club by advertising on our wall in our training  building. Your business can pay for the sign and a reasonable rental fee for hanging the sign in our building. You can purchase a sign from Classic Signs and Engraving by providing the sign text by email.  Art work would be an additional fee. You purchase the sign and it belongs to you (if you choose to discontinue renting a ‘space’ on our wall).

Large Sign 24″ by 36″ $36.00 plus tax
Medium Sign 22″ by 28″ $25.66 plus tax
Small Sign 18″ by 24″ $18.00 plus tax

In addition to having a sign to hang, there is a rental fee.

Sign Size Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
Large $10.00 $120.00
Medium $9.00 $108.00
Small $8.00 $96.00

If you are interested in sponsoring our club and hanging an ad in our building, please contact
Joe Coelho by email:

Wish List:

We have an ongoing list of needs/wants to help support our building and our club.  Please consider purchasing one of these items.  If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us at


  • Garbage bags (55 gallon and 13 gallon)
  • Disinfectant (such as Odoban)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Windex
  • Bathroom Cleaner (ie, Scrubbing Bubbles)
  • File Folders
  • Computer Paper
  • Latex Gloves
  • Stamps


  • Stapler and staples
  • Pens
  • Large Bulletin Board
  • White 6 foot tables