Building Rules

Thank you very much for choosing the Quincy Kennel Club to train your dog. If you have any questions about the building rules and/or training issues, please see a Quincy Kennel Club member.

We value our building and we have to follow the rules below for everyone’s safety and liability reasons.

Please review the following building rules.

1. No food, drinks, or treats shall be left out in the building. Water shall be dumped at the end of the session.

2. No dogs are allowed in the restrooms.

3. The Quincy Kennel Club and class participants are completely responsible for any and all dog waste. Dog waste should be cleaned up immediately, both inside and outside of
the building. All supplies needed are available for your use.

4. Failure to clean up your dog’s waste may result in you being removed from the Quincy Kennel Club classes.

5. Children shall not be left unattended or allowed to roam freely. Children need to remain seated while the parent is working the dog (unless the child is assisting in
training with the permission of the instructor or participating in a children’s class).

6. Any dog brought onto the property must be under the handler’s control at all times. No dog is allowed off lead outside of the building.

7. Enter the building through the north door into the office and exit through the south door in the arena.